À la fin de la 4e journée du MSI 2022, la rédaction a pu poser des questions à Dylan Falco, l'entraîneur en chef de la formation G2 esports.

After the end of this day, you are qualified for the rumble stage, which team are you the most looking forward to face?

I think for me I am really excited to play against T1. G2 vs T1 was probably one of my favourite match up in like all time in league of legend cause they have so many great BO5 especially in 2019. To be a part of that I think is really great also they look very dominant in their region and I’m looking forward to face T1

Coming in 2022 you had a big challenge, you had to put G2 back on the victory track after a disappointing year, how did you manage to do it?

So I started working with G2 at the beginning of their rebuilt and I think a lot of the reason we've been so successful so far this year is that Carlos and the organisation put so much effort so early into making sure we succeed

we spend so much time scriming world's teams doing try outs preparing ourselves for spring split working through issues, improving as a team and I think we work really hard and we start working very early and it set us up to ramp up and keep improving to now and I think we're in a pretty good spot

You have a pretty special group, with only 3 teams, does it make the group easier or harder?

I think that this group is in some aspects easier than others and some aspects harder than other groups, I think regardless of which group we drew we were pool 1 team so we wouldn't have faced a team like RNG or T1 at this group stage. I actually think that EG is one of the stronger pool 2 teams which having to play 4 game against them is a potentially like one of the more difficult opponent you would have in this groups stage even though we won all the games. but it is easier in the essence that they're just less team to prepare for and if your advantage over the 2 teams in your group you can just like beat them up over and over again which I think helped us

What are your goals for the summer split in Europe?

well we won spring split so I think anything less than trying to win the championship again in summer split would be selling ourselves short I think we are a team that is totally capable of winning two championships I also think that right now we are focused on MSI and I think that it's a tournament that we can do very well in we can even potentially win if we play extremely well so that’s kind of our goals

Last words is yours.

just thank you to all the fans supporting us through the MSI I know that it looks great right now and we winning over matches, going into the rumble stage it'll become a lot harder not sure we can stay undefeated for the entire tournament but we're definitely believing that we are capable of winning this entire tournament and I hope that fan support us as we do our best