À l'occasion de la reprise du LEC, Mikyx a répondu aux questions de la rédaction.

Good evening Mikyx, could you introduce yourself, not talking about your career because you're already famous, but tell us please, what kind of player are you?
: I would say that I'm pretty good laner, and I've got a very good vision control. My champion pool is above the average LEC supports, and I feel that I'm pretty good at adaptating.

Who's the best ADC between Perkz and Caps?
That's a though one (laughs). I would say Caps, he's undefeated and deathless actually as ADC, while Perkz is not. (We made the interview just after G2 first match in LEC. -Ed)

What do you think about your 2019 run, with all the things G2 did?
According to me, I played pretty well during Spring Split and regular Summer Split. MSI was my best tournament ever, and even if I didn't scrim a lot, I was on fire. I struggled a bit during Summer playoffs and Worlds, and played below my standards. I'm aiming to do better in 2020.

How did G2 convince you to stay with them for 2020 ?
Even if we had an amazing year with G2 in 2019, I feel like we didn't reach our full potential. In 2020 I want us to win our games in a cleaner way than in 2019, and to not struggle during BO5.

Which European team could defeat G2?
It's really hard to say actually, because every team is playing really bad, even us. We could look strong, but we're not, it's just that the other teams are worse. Of course I expect all the LEC teams to improve, but I can't really tell which team will be our rival. If I only think about the players, Fnatic is the closest to us.

What do you think of Season 10's changes?
The changes on the support items are wonderful, in many ways. First it gives you more gold which is always nice, but it also changes some mechanics, like Frostfang's passive which was deactivated if you last hit a minion. Moreover you don't have to upgrade it anymore, so you can spend your golds in other core items, like boots. I also like the new alcove, because it makes some champions more viable, like Bard. I really like the dragons modifications, because I didn't think they were relevant in 2019. With them you can now end the game faster, and it's a good thing according to me, because I like when we can end a game quickly. I especially like Cloud Drake for the bonus CDR, and the Dragon Soul mecanic is really powerful. I also love the changes on the Elder Dragon, because you can comeback with it even if you don't have dragons, which wasn't really possible in 2019.

Talking about dragons, do you think it could be a good strategy to lose the first tow ones on purpose, to have four drakes of the same type after?
It could be. Now you can only get one drake of the first two types, so it doesn't give you huge stats, while having four same type drakes is amazing. But it can only work if you trade them for something else on the map like an Herald or a tower. If you don't get anything in return, it's a bad move.

What will be your next role in G2? Will you play jungle, or maybe midlane?
I would love to play ADC to show Perkz and Caps how to play a marksman (laughs). More seriously, I would love to switch role for a few games, and playing maybe in midlane to have more impact, but no one in the team wants to play support, so I have to sacrifice myself for the greater good.

Really? We heard Jankos had a really solid Braum.
(Laughs) That's true. I saw him playing Braum in soloQ recently, and he told me that he plays supp because it has more impact than the jungler. But in the end, he lost his game even if he was smurfing early game, because supports don't have as much impact as junglers. We could swap roles for a few games to see which position is the best to carry a team.

Any last word?
I would like to thank all the fans and people who support us. I'm sorry that we struggled during Worlds Finals, but we'll do better this year, so please, keep cheering for us.