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FaZe fox : "C'était plutôt simple"

Par Dokai le 22/01/2016 à 17:42


During the DreamHack Leipzig, we shared a few words with fox, the portuguese awper from FaZe Clan after their victory against Luminosity.


*aAa* Dokai : Hi everyone, I'm with Ricardo "fox" Pacheco, first of all how are you today ?

Ricardo "fox" Pacheco : I'm good, after our victory, for the moment :)



A few months ago, ScreaM left the team, how did you manage to find jkaem ?

After ScreaM decided to join Titan, we decided to choose players who were rising and it was jkaem. Rain said to us that he's really good, a young guy that is rising. We tried to play with him and he fitted perfectly with the team.



You have been acquired by FaZe Clan just before DreamHack, how did you get in touch with Banks (FaZe owner)?

We talked with him on Twitter a long time ago, and after a conversation with him, the contracts were fixed perfectly and friendly so it's ok :)



You just defeated Luminosity in group stage, can you sum up the match to us ?

We played against them last week end and we got ... totally rekted and this time, with the veto system we were sure to play like 90% Inferno and we knew how they play on this map thanks to our match last week end, and it was like kind of easy. We talked about this before the game and everything went perfectly and we're happy to win.



You will play Na'Vi in your next match, do you think that team is dangerous ?

Of course they are, they are the top 2 team at the moment, but we always deliver against them, we feel comfortable and confident but right know they are better, it's gonna be hard.



As a awper, what is your top 3 awp player at the moment ?

I will say Olof(meister), dennis, devve (device) and .... me :) I love jkaem as well, i think he's gonna be at least top 10, I hope so.



What do you think about the portuguese scene at the moment, with team like k1ck, AlienTech etc ?

I don't know what is going on in Portugal, cause i'm always playing out of Portugal, i talked a bit with MuTiRis which is my ex teammate, he and I both think that his team is still top 1 in Portugal but they don't attempt international event so I don't know their level comparing to the international scene.



As a 5 stars European team, isn't that difficult to synchronize your strategies or are you confident due to a higher individual skill ?

At the beginning, it was really hard for us because I wasn't talking english, I didn't know how to speak a single word of english and over time I talked a bit more and the communication was going better and better. After like 6 months we knew that communication wasn't the problem as it was at the beginning. When we started playing I didn't unsterdand what was happening and it was hard to communicate when I had to put the stuff (flashes and smokes), and that lead to some... fucked up situations (laugh).



Do you have any words or dedications to your sponsors/fans ?

Thanks to all sponsors, I don't know all of them, they are too much (Laugh), thanks to me, to the haters :p

Thanks to FaZe and Gamers-2 who negociate properly.



Muito obrigado fox

De nada ;)







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Ophius le 22/01/2016 à 17:5622 Jan 2016 à 17h56#1
Le mec se met dans les meilleurs awp ... Eh beh mon coco , t'as encore du boulot, crois moi ... x)
GearRXZCompte certifié le 22/01/2016 à 20:1722 Jan 2016 à 20h17#2
En réponse a #1c'était la section rire de l'article
mich le 23/01/2016 à 20:1623 Jan 2016 à 20h16#3
Soon interwiew Luminosity "C'etait plutôt simple"


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